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Ugandan lesbian about to be deported to her rape and death.

The Guardian reports today on the imminent deportation of Brenda Namigadde: a Ugandan lesbian in Britain who is about to be deported back to her country of origin, where, partly due to the tireless efforts of US evangelical activists, she will almost certainly be raped and murdered.

The British Home Office have refused her application for asylum on the grounds that 'there is insufficient evidence that she is a lesbian'. Gay sex is a criminal offence in Uganda punishable by a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

But this is almost a moot point, since high-profile gays in Uganda are routinely murdered by vigilantes, egged on by conservative religious zealots. One such victim was David Kato, who was bludgeoned to death last night in his own home in Kampala.

(Ugandan politician and sponsor of the notorious 'Kill the Gays' Bill)       David Bahati told the Guardian: “Brenda is welcome in Uganda if she will abandon or repent her behaviour. Here in Uganda, homosexuality is not a human right. It is behaviour that is learned and it can be unlearned. We wouldn't want Brenda to be painting a wrong picture of Uganda, that we are harassing homosexuals.”

Asked what would happen if she did not “repent” he said: “If she is caught in illegal practices she will be punished. If she comes to promote homosexuality, if she is caught in the act, if she is caught in illegal acts, she will be punished. I would be surprised, if she was promoting homosexuality, if she were not arrested.”

David Kato was an activist with Sexual Minorities Uganda, who was pictured and named by the anti-gay tabloid Rolling Stone in a story that called on readers to “hang” gay rights activists.

“This happened yesterday (Wednesday) at about 13:00,” said lawyer John Francis Onyango, referring to Kato's killing.

Onyango said initial reports indicate a man entered Kato's home and struck him on the head before fleeing and that police were focusing on two potential suspects.

Human Rights Watch said in a statment that Kato died on his way to a local hospital.

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