Obama Failed His Sputnik Moment

Sputnik Moment

In 2009, Barack Obama had a Sputnik moment or a FDR moment, and Obama chose Wall Street over Main Street, Obama chose bankers over homeowners, and Obama chose Chinese workers over American workers. Obama ignored every effective policy or regulation change that would have given justice to Americans, he  decided to look forward as Wall Street paid themselves billions with tax payer dollars. Obama dismissed every opportunity to put America back to work. Now the fascist bastard wants us to choose Free Trade, Wall Street bailout debt,  GWB’s Wars, and Billionaire tax cuts over our Medicare and Social Security.

If Obama and his GOP allies do absolutely nothing to Social Security, it will pay 100% benefits until 2037, then 75% benefits. As a 45 year old, I’ll take 75%. I don’t want that sorry bastard to “save” Social Security, and I end up with 50%. I may or may not “need” my SSI to survive but I earned it, and I want every fucking penny.

As for Medicare, of course it’s going broke. We have a Health Care Finance System that has an unsustainable business model. It doesn’t cover the elderly, it doesn’t cover the unemployed, and it doesn’t cover the poor. It took corrupt unconstitutional HCR to cover the previously sick. In Obama’s health care Sputnik moment, he chose insurance companies over the American people. Obama took single payer off the table before there was a table. Now, he wants America to suffer due to his political cowardice. Americans pay twice as much per capita then most industrialized countries for health care. By choosing insurance companies over Americans, Obama locked America into an endless health care death spiral – death or health care or lost jobs or death or health care or lost jobs… Next the corporations will say, “we must send jobs to China because of rising health care cost or we need lower corporate taxes to compete.” Actually, the corporation acting as President said it for Corporate America in the SOTU speech. The cycle of economic destruction never ends with Corporations and their Washington Whores.

Between TARP and the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Banks were given $3 Trillion for fucking up and fucking over Americans. Now Obama is blaming average Americans for not competing and not innovating. In my most civil tone,  FUCK YOU BARACK OBAMA!

Don’t vote Democratic regardless of the candidate or the opponent. Vote Green, Blue, or Yellow but don’t vote for these corporate bastards. We must take back the Democratic Party if there’s anything left. If not, the Progressive Party of America sounds great, Obamacrats not welcomed.

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