Pouting Baby doesn't understand why Creepy Clarence is allowed to lie. (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again.  –  JW

Remember when I talked about Mrs. Ginni T (Mrs. Gin and T?) and the mean phone call she made to Professor Hill?  Well, I think Common Bob should be sure to check his answering machine for the next few days, because he could get the next mean phone call from her.  Common Bob and his friends found out that Mrs. Ginni T’s husband, Creepy Clarence, has been lying about Mrs. Ginni T’s money.  So Creepy Clarence had to change some papers:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas amended 20 years worth of financial disclosure forms today after a liberal watchdog group questioned the omission of his wife’s place of employment.


Thomas amended the reports today noting that his wife, Virginia Thomas, drew income from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank where she worked from 1998 to 2003. Thomas also noted that she worked at Hillsdale College for three months in 2008.

None of Thomas’ forms, covering activities through Dec. 31, 2009, mention his wife’s work at Liberty Central, a conservative political education group she co-founded in January 2009 in part to energize Tea Party activists.

But the group did not officially launch until May 2010, which will only be covered during in the next disclosure period.

Creepy Clarence said he made the mistake because he didn’t understand the instructions:

Justice Thomas said that in his annual financial disclosure statements over the last six years, the employment of his wife, Virginia Thomas, was “inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions.”

Common Bob and his friends don’t believe Creepy Clarence:

“Justice Thomas sits on the highest court of the land, is called upon daily to understand and interpret the most complicated legal issues of our day and makes decisions that affect millions,” said Common Cause President Bob Edgar. “It is hard to see how he could have misunderstood the simple directions of a federal disclosure form. We find his excuse is implausible.”

And before that, Common Bob and his friends wrote a nice letter to Mr. Banana Holder saying that Creepy Clarence and Tony Vaffanculo should not vote in important decisions affecting Mrs. Ginni T’s friends, because her friends have paid for nice vacations for Creepy Clarence and Tony Vaffanculo.

The sad thing is that Creepy Clarence lied about Mrs. Ginni T’s money for six years (that’s even longer than the four years it has been since he asked a question) and yet he won’t get in any real trouble for lying (my Mommy would punish me if I lied):

Deborah L. Rhode, a law professor at Stanford University who specializes in judicial ethics, said the recent episodes could do some harm to Justice Thomas’s reputation. But she added that it was unlikely to have any lasting impact on him or on the disclosure requirements that give justices wide leeway to decide whether they have a financial conflict in hearing a case.

Professor Rhode noted, for instance, that it was still unknown who contributed a total of $550,000 to Liberty Central, the conservative legal group that Mrs. Thomas founded in 2009 in opposition to President Obama’s policies. The amended disclosures filed by Justice Thomas, which do not include income in 2010, do not mention Liberty Central, and no regulation requires the group or the Thomases to disclose the source of the group’s financial support. Mrs. Thomas left the group in the fall.

I don’t understand why Creepy Clarence is allowed to lie about Mrs. Ginni T’s money. His job is all about people telling “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. He must think that part doesn’t apply to him when he expects it of the other people in his special room.

Anyway, I think Common Bob can expect that phone call from Mrs. Ginni T just as soon as she finds where Creepy Clarence hid the gin.

Jim White

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