This is the sound of the storm as it came,
With courage and protest and thunder and flame . . .

Don’t accuse me of violence, don‘t call me a threat, as you unleash your police with their mace and their guns.  You no longer know me, my name you’ve forgotten, I’m no one to you as you send in the tanks.  But my name has been written in all of the languages, in all of the songs that have ever been sung, it’s survived and endured, through brutal oppression, through gulags and death camps and hunger and war.  It’s been written before and will be written again, in the skies above Egypt, in the skies above Europe, in the skies of the East and the skies of the West.

You no longer see me, you’re blind and corrupted, I’m just a shadow to you with no face and no name.  But the poor and the hungry, the poets and artists, the writers of history know who I am.

I am the People. I am the Future.
I am their Liberty. That is my name.


Tell me, you “leaders” of the oppression machine, in capitals far and capitals near . . .

Know you the meaning of all they are doing?
Know you the light that their soul is pursuing?
Know you the might of the change they are making?
As the walls of deceit and oppression are breaking?

Never mind.  You don’t understand.  Power is the only thing you understand.

So it begins, in Tunis and Cairo,
As it began in days long ago,
May it light the capital streets of the world,
With courage and banners of protest unfurled.

Revolution is stirring across the Middle East, there will be no stopping it.

But don’t say revolution, not here in America,  where bankers, corporate criminals, and corrupt politicians control everything.  Don’t ever say it, don’t even think it, not if you’re left of the “center” at all.  Embrace the hypocrisy, censor yourselves, or Obama will lose and the heavens will fall.  Get used to the tasers, get used to the wiretaps, get used to the national security state.  It’s here to protect you, from Muslims and Mexicans, Hamas and al Qaeda, from Chavez and Sheehan, MoveOn and CodePink.

Can we tell the truth YET?  Yes we can.  Obama sure as hell isn’t going to, no one in Washington is going to, no one in power anywhere in this world is going to.  They know who they work for.  So do we.


How can anyone here be afraid of it?
Freedom was born of it, freedom was made of it.
Made by the People defending their rights,
So freedom won’t fade away into the night.


When all this is over, when freedom’s restored,
We will govern with justice instead of a sword,
There in those cities where blindness and pride,
Doubted and flouted and mocked and denied.

And no one will rule me, no one will own me,
Humanity will know that we all are the same,
I am the People. I am the Future.
I am their Liberty. That is my name.