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The President talked for over an hour, and I can sum up his speech up in 6 words, ” wah wah wah … God bless America”. If you missed the SOTU, don’t worry. Obama didn’t say anything that you didn’t know or suspect. Obama plans to govern as a Republican for the next 2 years and dare the Democratic Party, Liberals, or Progressives to do anything about it.

Obama has completely accepted Right Wing fiscal policy and economic theory. He plans to cut corporate taxes, cut regulations, cut the budget, cut the deficit, reduce the debt, cut Social Security, and cut Medicare. Obama plan to sign more free trade agreements and continue exporting American jobs. After 10 years of George W. Bush, Obama plans to do everything GWB couldn’t to destroy the American middle class. The Corporation acting as President has been taken over by Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, and political donations.  The State of the Union is FUCKED!

Words (phrases)  not used in the State of the Union speech:

Foreclosure, Wall Street, Currency Manipulation, Bankruptcy, Unemployment, Gun Control, War Crimes, Guantanamo,  Public Option.

Words overuse to deflect, mislead, or officiate:

Job(~31),  Work (~35), Future (~15), Business(~15), Deficit(~11), Tax (~14), Innovation(~9).

Substantively, there were no details. There were no guarantees to protect anything and no promises to do anything. The SOTU speech was quintessential Barack Obama, he said absolutely nothing. America has no ideal what he plans to do next. America has no ideal what programs Obama plans to reduce, cut, slash, or gut. America has no ideal what this core-less President believes in or will fight for. In other words, America has no President. America has no Leadership. We have a politician willing to do anything to get re-elected including destroying what’s left of the Democratic Party.

I apologize to my family, my community, and my country for voting for this worthless Republican. Never again. Never again!  My 2012 Democratic  Campaign motto: Don’t vote Democratic regardless of the candidate (Obama) or the opponent (Palin)!  Please don’t stay home, go vote for anyone other than the Democrats. We have to purge  the Democratic Party for the good of the country. I stand by My Pledge to the Democratic Party.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick