I didn’t watch or listen to the Crook in Chief, I’m sure the Democrat(ic) party was widely supportive with much applause.

But let’s see here, the nuts are sane, and the sane are nuts, which only makes sense in a world where issues mean nothing, and blind loyalty is a virtue. So here’s this little headline at zerohedge:

Rand Paul Reintroduces Audit The Fed Bill, DeMint And Vitter Co-Sponsors

“If there is one thing that the one-time GAO audit of the Fed disclosed, is how woefully insufficient the extremely superficial data discovery was. Another thing uncovered was just how needed this disclosure was: it provided extended material into how the Fed subsidizes banks (both domestic and international) on an ongoing basis, not to mention substantial number crunching for the blogosphere. Either way, if Bernanke was hoping that the Frank-Dodd bill would take care of the Fed opacity, pardon, transparency issue in perpetuity, he may be disappointed: Ron’s son, Rand, has just announced he is introducing legislation to, well, Audit The Fed, precisely along the lines of what his father did previously and generated massive support from everyone in Congress. Once again Ben Bernanke is about to become a major thorn on the side of the political puppetry.”

Can someone name me the likely Democrats who will sign onto this bill?

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