This is the Best That Democrats and Republicans Have to Offer? Really?

America is inundated with both praise and scorn for the SOTU last night, as well as for the Republican response given by Paul Ryan.  But what really was said?

About what you’d expect from political parties, that’s what.  President Obama talked about what we ought to do, and used broad strokes with very little detail to outline his plan for making America competitive, and fiscally responsible.  Paul Ryan, a Republican Congressman from my state, did basically the same.  It was meat for the masses of their two parties, but this meal was filled with maggots for the rest of America.

Both of them might as well have said “Blah, blah, blah”.  That’s all America really heard anyway.  So we heard the same speech twice, only the particulars were slightly different.  Specifically, we know the President believes that he can cut $400 Billion from our budget deficit over ten years by freezing Discretionary Spending for the next five years.  That works out to $40 Billion a year on a budget that is over $3.5 Trillion.

We have a budget deficit that varies between $1 Trillion and $1.5 Trillion, and the best you can do is to cut our budget by a little more than one percent, Mr. President?  Really?

That’s pathetic.

Even more pathetic is the fact that Republicans say they can balance the budget without cutting anything specifically.  I’d like to see that trick.  Actually, the Republican method of cutting the deficit shouldn’t be a surprise; they’ve been saying the same thing for two years.  Apparently, they can cut  $1.5 Trillion dollars out of a budget without cutting any spending, or so the details of their “plan” would have us believe.  And really, who can believe a fellow talking loud about how he’s going to cut the deficit when in 2001 and 2002, and every year thereafter under President Bush, he consistently voted for bills that added to the deficit, like the Prescription Drug plan for Medicare, a program he now calls an out-of-control entitlement.

Really, Mr. Ryan?  How did it get that way?  How did you vote on that issue when it came time to cast your ballot?  Suddenly, you’re the sensible one?  At once, the Republicans are the fiscal dogs of war?  How does that work, exactly?  Do we continue to give massive tax breaks to so-called “American” corporations who ship American jobs and American wealth to foreigners, because that seems to be your plan for creating jobs.  At least, that’s how I read it, when you say that the only way we can create jobs is to give more tax breaks to corporate America because our Corporate taxes are too high and that’s why we can’t compete with China, and Mexico, and South Korea, and Malaysia, India, and to a certain extent, Japan…because our Corporate taxes are too high.


Did it ever occur to either of our two, illustrious, we-have-ideas-so-stale-they-make-penicillin-seem fresh political parties that maybe the reason America can’t compete is because the two of you keep handing jobs over to third-world nations whose factories basically employ slave labor, and you keep allowing tax breaks to the so-called American corporations who contract these foreign factories?  It’s hard to compete with seven days a week of free. (In America, that’s what a wage of $1.00/Hr, ten hours a day, seven days a week without benefits amounts to).  Did you stop, even once, to assess the damage that Free Trade has done to our Middle Class?  Hell, maybe if you’d have stopped to study it twenty years ago before you handed our country over to the Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Malayans, Indonesians, and South Koreans, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Did it occur to you that Free Trade with countries who are almost one hundred years behind us economically could only result in an America that can’t compete?  Goodness, anyone who couldn’t see that, or still doesn’t,  is either doing so willfully, or is economically inept.  If done so willfully, then I call that treason.  If it turns out you are merely inept, what the hell are you doing voting on economic  issues that affect the rest of us?

Great speeches by Obama and Ryan last night?  Hardly.  How can you can call a Bill Clintonesque speech great?

You can when that’s the very best the Democratic and Republican Party has to offer.

No details.  No depth.  No concrete plans from either party to cut anything, except for $40 Billion a year.  No solid, detailed plan for job creation even though we have 15 million unemployed; a national emergency of epic proportions.  Oh, and the fact that 15 million are unemployed, and that 17% are either unemployed or underemployed was not mentioned by either party even once.  Wow.  Oh yeah…and repealing Obama care, all of it, because eighteen percent of Americans want all of it repealed, so that’s what you do…you do what the fringe wants you to do.

I have a message for all Republicans and Democrats:

It’s Coming.  That Day.

The Day when neither Republicans nor Democrats can win a seat in Washington.  The Day when America becomes almost wholly Independent.  It’s coming because after decades of either inept or criminally neglectful  governance, the people are fed up with being represented not by 500 representatives, but by one entity from each party.  In fact, about the only poll that one could say most might (70-90%) agree on is that the two parties need to go away (if only our polling people would ever get around to asking that question…”Do you think America would be better off without political parties?”).  They are not popular, and the only really consistent thing about Democrats and Republicans is how much they don’t get what the American people need.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, today must be a sad day for you.  It can’t be called a great day, because if you watched the two parties trot out their best last night, all you got was more ambiguous garbage about how we can solve the great issues of our time.

Issues have never been solved by moving backwards, nor by broad ideas.  They are solved by men and women of action, and it is men and women of action that the two parties lack almost completely.

These are our representatives, and our great leader, devoid of even ten or fifteen concrete plans of ACTION to move us forward.

I said FORWARD, not backward.

Here’s my little poll…

Do You think America would be better off without political parties?  Answer in the comments.  Thanks.    ?

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