Bristol Palin To Engage In Sexy Talk With Student Body

Washington University is putting on Sexual Responsibility Week and someone thought it would be a supercool idea to invite club-footed baby-pooper Bristol Palin to speak because she is famous for fucking this hockey guy and then having a baby while she was still in high school, but, hey, it’s totally cool, because now she is pulling down big bucks even though she only has a lousy GED, but her lack of education will not stop this plucky little snow breeder  from explaining to those Washington University college students that being sexually irresponsible is A VERY BAD THING so they should not fuck, but instead should study and stay in school and run up enormous student loan debt, part of which will pay for Bristol’s $20,000 speaking fee.

Student Union Treasury on Tuesday approved a $20,000 appeal by the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to sponsor a four-person panel featuring Palin. The appeal was initially set at $25,000 and renegotiated.

The $20,000 comes from the Student Activity Fee collected from each undergraduate student at the beginning of the year. The Student Activity Fee is fixed at one percent of tuition.

While Palin has not formally agreed to the appearance yet, she is expected to do so shortly.

SHAC would not release the exact amount charged for Palin’s appearance. According to ABC News, Palin charges $15,000 to $30,000 for each appearance on the speakers’ circuit..


The event will begin with a 25-minute speech by Palin on her life story to be followed by an hour-long panel discussion and a half hour question-and-answer session. A reception will be held after the question and answer to allow students to interact with Palin one-on-one.

The final vote the approved funding went seven votes for bringing in Palin, four votes against and one abstention.

You know if Bristol Palin has abstained from hopping in the back of any old Camaro just because it had a bitchin’ sound system she would probably be childless and  selling meth in the Wasilla Dairy Queen parking lot right now, so maybe being sexually irresponsible was a good thing, you know, in her case.

I predict an evening of mixed messages.

And beer pong. And guys hitting on Bristol, because, you know, I hear she puts out…

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