I’m annoyed with the laziness in today’s writing. Every time I see the word “your” used where “you’re” should be, I feel a brain cell die. Every time I see “its” used in place of “it’s” it’s like my brain has had its connections severed.

Well, no, not really. I simply get really irritated. The point is that if your refusal to adhere to basic rules of grammar and spelling is any indication of how you approach life in general, then you’re in trouble.

Wow. I used the proper words and phrases in their proper context. Go figure.

Another major annoyance is the use of “there” when one really means to write “their” or “they’re”. “There” denotes a place, as in, “I will be over there if you need me.” “Their” is for describing something that belongs to a group, such as, “their propensity for dismissing rules of grammar is highly annoying.” “They’re” is the contraction of “they are”. This is illustrated in the example, “they’re going to get into trouble if they do that.”

Also, “they”, “their”, and “they’re” are for use in describing what more than one individual is doing. I know that people want to be mindful of avoiding gender-specific words, especially when the gender of the person being described is unknown. But even when that gender is known, I still see these words meant for multiple individuals used in place of “he”, “she”, or “it”. It’s wrong. Stop doing it.

Finally, if I have to read one more instance of someone using “then” (a point in time) instead of “than” (for use in making comparisons), I’m going to vomit up my innards. See this web page to learn more information. Similarly, if you mean to use “we’re” to contract “we are”, then use “we’re”. Using “were” looks completely stupid.

I leave you now with the immortal admonitions of Bob the Angry Flower.

Michael Kwiatkowski

Michael Kwiatkowski