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Unitary Executive by Decree of the SCOTUS, Hey Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Well in these times,  when strange people in far away places throw themselves away in so called “suicide bombings”,  or self immolations,  and the like,  we are supposed to think, what?   That they are just crazy enough to do it?  Or should we wonder what makes them do that?

Ok,  I think it is logical to think that those actions come out of extreme feelings of some kind,  that make one (even if a crazy one)  think they will be rewarded as a hero, to a cause,  which they are totally convinced is righteous.

Bring it home to the fact that:  Secret Service men,  are expected to throw themselves in between the president and any sign of harm,  like one did for Reagan in 1981.

Now to extend that a little,  if the president is worth all that much,  he too would be dedicated to the max to the defense of the country.   This may be a bridge too far, but if the president is worth his salt,  he is going to go all out to do his job and like heroes do,  and be ready to risk his life to save his country…    I can’t see much purpose to a leader who is devoid of physical courage.

In fact I can’t see much of a point to a leader and pinnacle of the legacy of such a country as the USof A  that has a rich tradition of thinking of itself as truly exceptional and a bastion of all good virtue,  as well as the embodiment ( to so many… ) of the Christian cause,  and religious freedom,  which should follow from that,  if the tenets hold.

So a style that is so careful,  and so conciliatory to adversaries,  and so unwilling to take positions that might need defense,  weasel words and parsed terms,  piled high,  never a course word or a defiant stand to take,  the guy only walks in reverse,  kowtowing,  waving to the camera, fawning to low down twerps of the public servant caste.  That’s not leadership.

The media,  the show,  or what is on display,  that is what is the message,  which is

you people don’t deserve a leader,  you don’t get to have a leader in this life.

You only get to be treated as one big bunch of serfs,  with your silly play things,  your silly games of keeping up with the Joneses,  and who has the most crap.  A complete obsession with material loot,  and let poverty take the hindmost,  that can be arranged…but spiritually you are not encouraged to grow, or to mature,  or to see the purpose of life,  but to clammer after goods and epicurean delights,  (what’s for dinner?) gotto check out the latest receipy’

I’m not religious but at least the Christ story has an honorable and fearless hero.

The symbol of the crucifix can seem like a warning against moral grandstanding, but is more a statement of defiance and courage.

Whoever is the king should be totally fearless, and ready to take on all comers.    It’s a one time thing that requires a commitment.

Wait we don’t have a king,  we got a “civilian leader”  called president…   Presnint for short.

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