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U.S. Can’t Link Manning, Assange (March for Manning)

But that will only encourage the U.S. military to put more pressure on Manning, won’t it, to force him to say what it wants him to say. We need to show Manning support, and tell our government to get civilized and stop putting Bradley Manning through endless (since May, 2010) sensory-deprived solitary confinement, now at a Quantico, VA brig. Let’s join with others and protest in large numbers the barbaric bullshit going on just 35 miles south of Washington DC.


Bradley Manning Not Tied to Julian Assange

Bradley Manning, the army private being held on suspicion of leaking secret documents to WikiLeaks, cannot be linked to the organization’s embattled editor-in-chief Julian Assange, U.S. Army officials admitted to NBC News last night. This complicates the Department of Justice’s path to prosecuting WikiLeaks in the United States and stokes an already rising flame based on the prolonged and possibly inhumane detention of Manning, who military officials insist is not being tortured. …

Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald has relentlessly beat the drum for Manning’s release, writing with convincing evidence since mid-December of the private’s inhumane holding conditions. Today, Greenwald writes “that the Obama DOJ desperately needs Manning to incriminate Assange in order to be able to prosecute him (by, for instance, providing the Manning-Assange link that the DOJ is unable to prove).” Furthermore, Greenwald argues, ” the harsh, punitive conditions under which Manning are being held is designed — like most detainee abuse — to force him to say what his captors want him to say.”

Amghru at myfiredoglake is agitating for a Quantico March in March, maybe on Sunday, March 13:

If you are interested in participating in a “March in March” in support of Bradley, please contact me at my web site. The stronger the interest, the more likely we are to be able to put together an event that will draw main stream media attention.

Here are some places to put your money:

Bradley Manning Support Network
Bradley Manning Legal Defense Fund
Firedoglake’s Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund
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