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President Obama Now 66% More Seriousness About Spending Freezes

In a attempt to appear “serious” about the deficit, President Obama is planning to offer up a heaping dose of truly pathetic political theater in tonight’s State of the Union speech. His plan is to now call for a five year freeze of non-military discretionary spending, which technically only makes up a small sliver of the entire federal budget, anyway.

With this speech, President Obama is going to prove that he has become an amazing 66 percent more serious about deficits than last year when he called for a mere three-year freeze on non-military discretionary spending.

See, Obama has gotten a whole two years more serious about a spending freeze in only the course of single year. No doubt this new model of President Obama, now with 66 percent more spending freeze seriousness, will appease his Republican critics.

Of course, this raises the important question: Why not a six-year freeze?

Clearly Obama has no problem randomly deciding today what the size of the discretionary budget should be five years in the future with zero knowledge of what conditions will be like or what issues the country will face. If Obama can get praised for making uninformed decisions about the future as part of a purely political stunt, there is no reason Republicans can’t just one up him with a call for a six year freeze.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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