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More Incompetence From Obama and Biden?

Cross Posted at the Lake and from the original, located at the Chicano Veterans Organization.

More Incompetence from Obama and Biden?

With the anticipated State of the Nation Speech being delivered to a Joint Session of Congress, the code talk has evolved to “infrastructure” and as part and parcel to “pillars” for an economic cauldron that will turn the nation around within the next several years.  Unfortunately,  I am trending towoard becoming a cynic in that the Republicans have no interest in addressing Obama’s “agenda” but they do have their “agenda” to address and which is yet to be robustly articulated and detailed.  Thus, the “pillars” will be burned to the crisp and to the point of “nothingness” in this Republican economic cauldron that is today’s politics.

So, when it comes to “economic growth” the business executive doesn’t care about such growth but then, he or she does care far more about is low tax rates, anti-labor policies, expansive corporate profits, slimmed-down financial regulations, and a sympathetic governmental bureaucracy that addresses the ever-present “unmet needs” of the business executive. In short, all else is at best “secondary”. 

Therefore, “Who Defends the Middle Class”?

For us, as military veterans, it’s not the American Legion.  It’s not the VFW.  And of course, it’s not the Chamber of Commerce.  And equally important, it’s not Organized Labor.  Consequently, we know it’s not our Elected and Appointed Officials!  And it’s not white America, but it’s far more fun to focus our attention on our Elected Officials.

Now, as to our Elected Offcials defending the “middle class” is really just another in a long line of non-germane questions.  Take, for example, in the past two years, the Federal Reserve Board  created over $9 Trillion in “digital dollars” and which were spent to ameliorate the damage done by the Banking Industry as well as the Financial Services Industry.  Of course, this is not hard to understand for the Middle Class.  However , the Middle Class has a far harder time understanding that the Federal Reserve will not create the equivalent “digital dollar” amount to achieve “full employment” in America as required in the charter of the Federal Reserve. 

And with the Obama State of the Nation Speech scheduled for later this evening, this “ease of understanding” will be on full display. 

Take, for example, the Neo-liberals, Obama and the Democrats, will make no mention of nor advocate for the Federal Reserve to create the “digital dollars” to address full employment.  Consequently, the Middle Class readily admits to it’s being “conned-scammed” by the Neo-liberals and the Democrats.  In contrast, across the political aisle, the Neo-conservatives will deliver their preferred rebuttal, and yet, in this rebuttal, there will be no mention made of nor any advocacy expressed for having the Federal Reserve create the equivalent amount of “digital dollars” to address full employment.  Consequently, the Middle Class readily admits to it’s being “conned-scammed” by the Neo-conservatives.

In closing, at what point in the future, is the majority of white America taking the decision to reject its continuation for remaining safely ensconsced as a Society for the Criminally Stupid?

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