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Pete Peterson Can’t Con Adults So Now He’s Going after Kids

Pete Peterson tried to rally popular support for social security cuts by holding “America Speaks ” town hall meetings in mostly rich republican  areas

But a funny thing happened this weekend at these “America Speaks” events. Members of the public, after being given what Roger Hickey calls “misleading background information about the federal deficit and economic options to achieve fiscal ‘balance’ and future prosperity,” got a chance to weigh in on what they thought the most prudent course of action might be. As Thomas Frank points out in the Wall Street Journal today (6/30/10; subscription required), the results were likely a huge disappointment to Peterson:

Humiliating as this was for Pete and ignored by the MainStreamMedia which still trumpets Social Security cuts as the only way to balance the budget.

It just gets worse for Pete if you notice that Pete never gave the people at his “America Speaks ” Town Hall Meetings the option of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to raise money for Social Security. Or the Keynesian solution that worked in the Real World during the Great Depression namely that government borrows money to put people back to work and we tax the shit out of the rich to pay for it.

Unlike Ben Bernanke’s  Neo Hoover  lets throw money at banks from a helicopter approach FDR and Keynes’s ideas have been proven to work in the real world. Pete Peterson’s problem seems to be that the rich who went to his Town Hall meetings know more about economics than he thought.

No problem the Ultra Rich never lose because they can buy as many do overs as they want.

Teachers College, Columbia University has received a three-year $2.45 million grant from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation to develop a comprehensive social studies and mathematics curriculum about the fiscal challenges that face the nation. The curriculum will be distributed free of charge to every high school in the country.

Led by Professor Anand R. Marri, an extensive cast of faculty from Teachers College’s Social Studies and Mathematics programs will work on “Understanding Fiscal Responsibility.” The curriculum will be field-tested in a nationally representative sample of 25 schools in three cities (Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and New York City). It will then be revised for full national distribution to more than 100,000 schools in 2011. At the conclusion of the project, another research organization at Teachers College, the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST), led by Professor Thomas Hatch, will conduct an evaluation of the curriculum.

Austin ISD teachers participating in the project will each receive a $200 honorarium. They are being asked to pilot five of the lessons in their subject areas – either Economics, Government (Civics), US History & Geography, or World History & Geography – and agree to be observed as they teach one of these lessons.

Given Pete’s past  lack of candor on economic questions just why is anything he is connected to being let anywhere near school kids?

The GOP accuses us of mind control and wanting to indoctrinate school kids all the time. But this is Projection the GOP seems to accuse us of every crime that they want to do because they are afraid that we will do it to them first before they get a chance to do it to us.

Lacking Empathy they can’t track how we respond to things differently than they do. They judge us and expect us to react as if we were just like them but on an opposing team.

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