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Late Night: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Hello everyone! Phoenix here, subbing for Late Night, and inflicting a part of my puberty on y’all.

If you were a geeky teen or preteen in the late 1970s or early 1980s in the Twin Cities, you probably heard of Laser Fantasy. Laser Fantasy was a guy with some lasers, computer programming knowledge, and an eclectic taste in music. He’d do laser light fantasias set to various tunes, and while he made sure to include crowd-pleasers like Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days”, he’d also use stuff like Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene, Part One” and this particular rendition by Larry Fast of “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”.

So if you happen to have grown up during that time, sit back and enjoy the memories… and if you didn’t, imagine being a sixteen-year-old kid in 1979, sitting in a dark movie theater after the mini-bong’s been discreetly passed around a couple of times, oohing and aaahing as the colored laser images play and transform shapes and colors, enjoying the extra fun of the “trails” effect leaving ghostly images in your retina, slowly fading even as new ones rise in their place.

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