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Breaking: Blast at Moscow Airport Kills Dozens; Bomb Suspected

Domodedovo Airport (photo: jaime.silva)

Within the last hour–at approximately 4:40pm local time–an explosion has rocked Moscow’s busiest airport. The death toll continues to grow Thirty-one (update: death toll now at 35) are said to be dead; over a hundred are believed injured. The blast is reported to have occurred in the bagage claim area of the international terminal.

A Russian investigator has blamed terrorism, and a phone report to MSNBC has called this work of a suicide bomber, but details remain sketchy.

From the BBC:

Moscow’s Domodedovo airport – the busiest in the Russian capital – has been rocked by an explosion that has reportedly killed 31 people.

More than 100 more are thought to have been injured in the blast, which reports suggest may have been the work of a suicide bomber.

Russia’s chief investigator said the explosion was the work of terrorists.

We will update when more comes in.

UPDATE: Russian news service Interfax has a timeline of sorts, including headlines from an address from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, ordering a “special security regime” for Russian airports.

UPDATE: The Washington Post (h/t Teddy) is reporting the explosion occured in a cafe near the international arrivals area. Global inteligence analyst STRATFOR has tweeted that the explosion was in departures, not arrivals. MSNBC is quoting an eyewitness that says two suicide bombers blew themselves up.

UPDATE: Medvedev has postponed his trip to the Davos world economic forum.

UPDATE: Video of the aftermath has hit YouTube:

UPDATE: English language coverage from RT Russian Television.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine