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The New York Times, Third Way and the Mythical Center Between Obama and the Republican Party

As God is my witness, if I read one more headline like this, I swear — I’m going to lose it.

Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address

What, pray tell, is the “center” between Obama, who has previously called himself a Blue Dog Democrat, has cut taxes for billioniares, signed a stimulus bill that was over 30% tax cuts, increased defense spending, expanded the War on Terror, surged in Afghanistan, signed a Republican health care bill, made the Too Big to Fail banks whole, proposed off-shore oil drilling, proposed cutting entitlements, and frozen government pay — and say, John Boehner? Or even better: Jim DeMint?

It may be the center of something, but it’s certainly not the center of where the electorate is. Not even close.

“He’s making the transition from an economic security president to an economic growth president,” said Jim Kessler, co-founder of the centrist organization Third Way, “and he’s moving from the left to the center.”

It just makes you crazy, doesn’t it?

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