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PW Writes a Letter RE: Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann

(Dear MyFDL Friends: Here’s the text of a letter I sent just now to the Daily Beast. I thought you might like it. — PW)

Dear Mr. Romano and Daily Beast Staff:

As a Minnesotan, I was reading and nodding my head in agreement and recognition at most of the points made in Andrew Romano’s recent DB piece on She Who Gets Away With Everything, Michele Bachmann. (I did pause slightly when I saw the bit about her using the fake 2012 gambit as a Senate-race fundraiser: She does indeed want to use her Potemkin candidacy as a fundraising tool, but not for a Senate seat — even she realizes she couldn’t win a statewide race in Minnesota. It’s so she can be the next Tom DeLay, minus the going-to-prison part: )

But I must admit I was brought up short by the suggestion that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), was somehow an “adult” and a truthful “wonk” compared to the notorious liar Bachmann. While Ryan has never tried to French-kiss George W. Bush in public, he is in his own way every bit as much the utterly whacked-out lying nutjob that Bachmann is.

He lies about his own plans for health care rationing:

He lies about how he made the CBO lie and game its report on his “roadmap” to leave out the horrifically bad effects of his planned tax cuts on the deficit:

He lies about how his “roadmap” cuts taxes for the rich while raising them for the vast majority (95%!) of Americans:

He lies about climate change and cap-and-trade:

Hell, he pretty much lies about everything. Just go peruse most any Media Matters article with the “Paul Ryan” tag:

So why is it that most journalists uncritically swallow everything he says? Is it because their bosses want them to? Or is it because they got into journalism because while they were smart and handy with words, they are baffled by basic math — which makes them easy marks for guys like Ryan?

Sincerely yours,

Phoenix Woman

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman