All The Best Pianists Have Chinese Eyes

I bet you didn’t know that America was invaded by the Chinese last week and they totally took over while Americans were watching quality American programming like Jersey Shore or possibly American Idol. It’s true.  And to add insult to invasion, the Chinese totally SHOVED IT IN OUR FACES and/or DOWN OUR THROATS by having Chinese lounge act Lang Lang played a Hate America song in a very taunting way at the White House while members of the Obama administration held up lighters and/or waved their hands in the air like they just didn’t care:

For what is claimed to be the best PR team in the United States, the Obama administration is a big failure that continues to stumble.

World-renowned pianist Lang Lang from China played the tune, “My Motherland” during the State dinner for China in the White House.

Problem is, according to the Epoch Times, is that the song is a pro-communist, anti-American propaganda piece. The tune is a staple among the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for decades. The song refers to the Korean War as the “movement to resist America and help [North] Korea.” The song also names the United States as the “the Jackal” that should be hunted down.

Note: Substitute “elk” for “jackal” when “elk” actually means “member of Democratic party who holds an elective office” and you still have the theme song from Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Cubachi, (whose name interestingly combines elements of  both Cuba and ChiCom) adds:

What’s worse is, the White House knew Lang Lang would play this song in advance. Either they knew what the tune is about and simply ignored it hoping no one would notice, or didn’t even bother to check what the song is about.

Now America is but a sad remnant of ruined superpower where American consumers will be forced to shop through the rubble of what were once Nordstroms in order to purchase made in China $85 Ralph Lauren polo’s while the pianist plays this victory song instead of Heart and Soul (no, not the Huey Lewis & the News one) or really cool versions of Iron Man.

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