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Come Saturday Morning: Laying Down a Few Markers

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(This post is dedicated to Keith Olbermann, who since the Comcastards have forced him off network TV for a lengthy time period designed to kill his career, I would love to see decide to move to radio and/or come stop by at the Lake sometime. In the meantime, visit his special Facebook page.)

With the 2011 State of the Union speech coming up, the smart money holds that Obama will be ready to deliver the stab that, combined with the recent payroll-tax abomination, will send Social Security into a tailspin from which its assailants hope it will never recover. Pete Peterson, the bond vigilantes and other bankster types, and those media and political operatives who take their paychecks and/or their marching orders from them will be most pleased to see the elderly plunged once again into chronic poverty, as they were prior to 1936. But does it have to be this way? Not if we get people on the record, now, as opposing this. Doing so now makes it harder for them to justify wriggling into the Veal Pen later.

It’s not as if the truth about Social Security isn’t known to the elites among us. They want to keep your friends and neighbors from knowing it, or else (among other things) Obama’s plan to woo the bond vigilantes for 2012 campaign funds goes belly-up.

How about this: Every person reading this post goes out and does some combination of Tweets. Facebooks, blogs, writing Letters to the Editors, calls radio call-in shows, calls friends, congresscritters and/or Senators, or does Paul-Revere-style horseback rides to get out the following message, documented with the evidentiary links of one’s own choice (this, this, this, and this are good for starters):

Social Security is ours. We earned it. It has nothing to do with the Federal deficit. Leave it alone, politicians, or lose your jobs.

If nothing else, in a few short days we can make it so that when someone Googles for “social security”, they see one of the links I’ve cited before they see any of the Cato or Heritage bullpucky on the first page of Google hits. Imagine that, with each letter, phone call or blog post, you’re making it harder for well-heeled conservative groups to rot people’s minds. Go to it!

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