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Zoloft Side Effects

Have you heard of Zoloft lawsuits? If your answer is no than this article will help you a lot. Zoloft is nothing but a medicine which is used to cure depression and head ache. Though it is a medicine should be taken under advice only. Otherwise there is a chance to get side effects and that is more harmful than that of depression and head ache. When you want to take medications consult with the prescribed doctor and have the medicines. The side effect of this Zoloft is dangerous and it has the ability to control the function of brain. You may know what will happen once the brain is failed to function.  There are so many problems like decreased appetite, weight loss, sexual dysfunction, anxiety so on. They are lifelong defects and it is better not to use otherwise to use in front of physicians to avoid certain defects. More over the stopping of the medications also may leads to so many side effects like respiratory distress, persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, anencephaly so on. If anyone has got affected with the above medicine can get claim with the use of Zoloft lawsuits and the famous attorneys and lawyers are ready to help a lot for the zoloft side effects too.

We all know by now that Paxil has been known to cause birth defects for the newborn kids and this is indeed very much enhanced by the fact that the rise in the number of Paxil Lawsuit that has been filed so far. It is best to avoid using it and look for alternative drugs and ask your doctor about the same to get the better drug with less side effects and harmless to the pregnant ladies.

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