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Right-Wing Economics in Action: Texas Budget Crisis Could Cost the State 100,000 Jobs

For the past 2 years, wingnut pundits have been telling us how awesome Texas’ economy is under our Republican rulers. Never mind that Rick Perry was papering over our fiscal problems with socialism federal stimulus money — the narrative was that low taxes and low regulations are the answer to everything.

And even when it was clear we were in a $25 billion dollar hole, there were still wingers insisting all was well.

Epic fail.

As many as 100,000 school district jobs could be eliminated in the face of a significant reduction of state aid for public schools, said Lynn Moak, a school finance consultant.

“This is Armageddon,” Moak said.

These cuts are especially devastating since Texas’ unemployment rate is already over 8% — and our population grew more than any other state over the past decade.

But the Teahadists running the state absolutely refuse to raise taxes no matter what, which are still among the lowest in the nation.

Something’s got to give. Believe it or not, schools and teachers and roads and cops and firemen don’t pay for themselves.

True fact!

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Blue Texan