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Gallup: 70% of Americans Think Obama Hasn’t Brought About Enough Change

by Atlantian5

I guess it’s my week to write about polls, because this number in the new Gallup poll on President Obama really jumps out.

Americans see room for improvement in several aspects of President Barack Obama’s leadership at the halfway mark of his term. Their broadest criticism is directed at the president’s record of bringing about changes the country needs — a central theme of his 2008 election campaign — with 70% saying he needs to do a better job of this.

Conversely, only 28% say Obama is “bringing about the changes this country needs.”

So for all the hysterical screetching from the right over the past two years about how Obama is “radically transforming” this country — 70% of Americans don’t think he’s doing enough of that.

Conversely, the President likes to wag his finger at progressives and Democrats generally for being unrealistic about how much change he can deliver. But this poll shows yet again that it’s not just “sanctimonious” and “purist” liberals that are his problem.

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Blue Texan