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Early Morning Swim: FBI Calls Bomb Discovered at Washington MLK Parade “Domestic Terrorism” Reports Rachel Maddow

Probably some left-winger trying to make conservatives look bad.

A “potentially deadly” explosive device that could have caused severe casualties was found along the intended route of a Martin Luther King Day march in Spokane, Wash., half an hour before the event was to begin, the FBI said Tuesday. […]

The device inside “clearly would have had the potential to inflict multiple casualties, injury and death, to humans,” Harrill said in an interview Tuesday. He declined to describe the device. […]

No one has claimed responsibility or offered a motive, Harrill said. But he called the connection with the King Day march “inescapable.”

“We’re treating this as an act of domestic terrorism,” he said.

Why? Probably just some nut.

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