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Susan Bysiewicz: First of Many to Announce Bid for Senate Against Joe Lieberman in 2012

Today, the Register Citizen, a small Litchfield County, CT newsprint, announced that Susan Bysiewicz will seek Joe Lieberman’s (CT-I) Senate seat in 2012. Bysiewicz is the rather far left former Secretary of State for CT and currently does not hold a political position. According to the CT Mirror, she submitted an email to various reporters unveiling the news of her plans to run against Lieberman, she also spoke openly about her endeavor in a telephone interview.

Susan Bysiewicz’s political career was thwarted last summer after she announced an exploratory campaign for Governor. Intrigued by the vacancy at the Attorney Generals Position and likely discouraged by heavy hitters; Governor Elect, Dan Malloy, and Ned Lamont, Bysiewicz decided to stick to her legal roots and run. Bysiewicz then ran into legal complications with hopes to succeed US Senator Elect, Richard Blumenthal,  and replacement for Senator Chris Dodd. The Supreme Court ruled that she was not legally qualified to hold the position as Attorney General because Connecticut state law requires that the candidate practice a minimum of 10 years as a lawyer. Bysiewicz failed to meet this standard regardless of her claim that serving 11 years as Secretary of State and 6 as lawyer was more than adequate.

Despite some political hardship, Bysiewicz remains confident:

“I think I have a very strong chance to win. I have been a candidate for statewide office four times, once in a primary and in three statewide general elections,” Bysiewicz said. “And we have done well every time I’ve been allowed to run.”

Bysiewicz is not the only Connecticut Democrat who has their eyes on Lieberman’s seat. Congressman Chris Murphy (CT-5) and Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-2) both have expressed interest. Based on on a recent brief conversation with Murphy’s outreach director Sean Scanlon, it is only a matter of time before this contemplation turns into action.

“My interest in running for Senate in 2012 is well known in the state, and I expect to announce my decision very soon, says Murphy

Whoever emerges victorious in what is sure to be a crowded primary, will they have enough to oust the polemical Senator?

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Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook