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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Boots Association for 'Tolerating Homosexuality'

The bigots of the Southern Baptist Convention are at it again, proving that not all are welcome in “God’s House” if you’re part of its flock.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has asked an association of churches to leave its Fort Worth, Texas, campus because the seminary says the group has a member church or churches that tolerate homosexuality.

A 1997 affiliation agreement between Tarrant Baptist Association and the seminary for use of an office building on the campus requires that the two organizations remain in “theological harmony.”

The seminary, which is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, contends that the association has violated the agreement for retaining fellowship with a church or churches that don’t adhere to the denomination’s position that homosexuality is a sin.

The Rev. Brent Beasley of Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth told the Dallas Morning News that his church is the one “being referred to.”

The SBC voted in 2009 to sever ties with Broadway Baptist over its policy to welcome LGBT members. Last fall, the local church ended its 125-year-old affiliation with the General Baptist Convention of Texas

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding