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New Washington Post/ABC Poll: Americans View Tea Party Less Favorably Than Russia, Socialism

(by Fibonacci Blue)

Americans have been watching the Teabaggers for almost two years now, and as it turns out, unbridled, spittle-producing rage isn’t very popular.

52 percent of Americans now hold unfavorable views of the tea party, a new high. Nearly three-quarters of Democrats – including as many moderate and conservative as liberal members of the party – have negative views of the political movement, as do half of all independents.

As they always do, wingnuts are blaming the media — but these numbers are almost identical to the same poll’s findings in June 2010 — well before the ‘Baggers got blood libeled [sic].

Only 35% of Americans like the Teabaggers, about the same number that like Saudi Arabia. Kinda figures. Both love to drill for oil, hate gays, and believe in theocracy.

Russia, on the other hand — the country that Republicans still love to demagogue — has a net-positive 47/45 favorable rating.

As for socialism, it’s viewed favorably by 36% of Americans, a fact which will just make Teabaggers even angrier and crazier.

Pretty easy to see why Republicans like Marco Rubio are having second thoughts about throwing in with these people.

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