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Confession: I have a prejudice.

I  loathe the behaviour of radical separatists .

Be they Radical Lesbian Separatists or other kinds of Separatists, I abhor and deplore their conduct.


Because they are, in the end, platitude and cliche driven anti-intellectuals who understand little of the meaning of the heated rhetoric that they parrot. In the end there is no difference between any subgroup of L or G or B or T separatists and a inflammed crowd of tea-baggers


Radical separatism is a disease that, like the French Revolution, consumes and spits out its children and parents. Once it's first perceived threat-target-enemy is pushed out or eliminated, it immediately needs to identify a new one, a higher level of purity to acheive.

It is sickening.

Can we, as a group, finally roundly condemn it in all its insidious, pernicious and destructive forms? Can we put aside differences of a petty or less important nature to stand against this and say, loudly, clearly, that it is MORALLY WRONG?

Take the pledge, please, and then keep to it


 Maureen E Hennessey



 Lover of Women

 Lover of People

 All kinds of Women

 All kinds of People.



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