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This about ErickErickErickErickson just showed up in my email from the excellently named David Davidson (I kid you not):

Macon City Councilman Erick Erickson plans to leave his one-term post about six months early to take a new nighttime job as an Atlanta radio show host.

“I will be 9 to midnight five nights a week on WSB,” said Erickson, one of three council members representing Ward 5.

Erickson, a frequent political commentator on CNN and founder of the blogs PeachPundit.com and RedState.com, has filled in for 95.5 WSB-FM host Herman Cain several times in the past few months.


A special election probably won’t be necessary to fill Erickson’s seat. The council can appoint someone to fill out his term, and he’s been talking with Councilwomen Nancy White and Lauren Benedict about that, he said. They also represent Ward 5.

I can see why there is no hurry to get his replacement in place. It’s not like he was showing up for work anyway:

As Erickson’s media presence has grown, his participation in city business has shrunk. He is chairman of the council’s Public Properties Committee and serves on the Community Resources and Development Committee and the Ordinances and Resolutions Committee.

According to attendance records, Erickson missed 13 of the 27 full council meetings in 2010, nearly twice as many as any other council member. He appeared at only three of 19 council work sessions, and missed two of the 17 Public Properties Committee meetings.

The Community Resources and Development Committee met 20 times last year, but Erickson was only there for nine of them. He was present for just 14 of the 24 Ordinances and Resolutions Committee meetings.

Erick Erickson hates Big Government so much that he got a job in it and then didn’t show up. Hah! He wins.

So let’s total this up ….quitting his elected position early…..doesn’t show up for a job that he doesn’t seem interested in…. lands a cable media gig….uses violent gun rhetoric against government employees?

Erick Erickson is Sarah Palin with slightly smaller tits.

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