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Human Events: Civil Rights Movement Probably Unnecessary Since “Free Market” Would’ve Ended Segregration

Pictured: the free market failing to integrate a lunch counter in Nashville, in 1960.

I scoured the bowels of the wingosphere today looking for the wingnuttiest piece on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Though numerous factors have made America the more racially tolerant country dreamed of by Martin Luther King, one overlooked force making the American Dream more inclusive is that which made the American Dream possible in the first place.

A truly free market works as an antidote to racism.

See, all those speeches and protests and all that big government interventions in the form of Supreme Court decisions and mobilizing federal troops and Civil Rights legislation — such a waste of time! The markets would’ve solved everything — they always do.

Strangely, so many genuinely concerned about racial discrimination see the free market as an enemy rather than an ally. Let them be reminded of what Martin Luther King said: “Let freedom ring.”

Hmmm, maybe that’s because the “free market” of the Jim Crow South actually reinforced segregation for a hundred years, because the notion of white supremacy was so ingrained culturally that any white business that did serve blacks would’ve undoubtedly been eschewed by white patrons (if not fire-bombed by the KKK). And that would’ve been particularly problematic since whites had all the money and power, and blacks had none — which also makes you wonder why any white business would bother catering to blacks in the first place.

Invisible hand, bitches!

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