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The Angry Left: So You’re Miserable about That Neglected Child

graphic: Mike Licht, via Flickr

Every day you complain about the child who’s left home and been on their own and is now an adult acting in a manner which is in complete opposition to your values. They appear to be openly defiant, rubbing it in your face.

Huh. Imagine that.

One can’t help but think of the numerous times over the last couple of decades we’ve heard sad parents who’ve said, “Aw, he was such a nice boy, there’s no way he could have done this. We just never saw this coming,” or something like this.

Never noticed a change in their school work, never heard their teachers’ feedback about their behavior at school. Never saw them being mean to animals or siblings. Nope, never ever saw any of the guns. Never smelled the liquor on his breath, or noticed the erratic drug-shaped behavior.

Nada — never saw it coming. Who could have foreseen this? . . .

Oh, well, maybe there was that time when they seemed a little out of hand, disrespecting you; you shrugged your shoulders and said, “Boys will be boys. Don’t pay too much attention to that.” You went on about your way.

And then there was the time you said, “Aw, he’s just sowing his oats. It’s just part of growing up, he’s showing his independence,” turning your back and continuing on with whatever else was at hand.

And now the gnashing of teeth, renting of clothes, wailing.

You’ve written off the child, shut them out altogether. You bad-mouth them to your kin and neighbors.

Hell, you’re going to start over and adopt a new child. You’re shopping around like one shops for a new car. Who’s got the biggest name? Who’s appearance is the most attractive?

Oh this is surely going to turn out just fine in the end. You’ll have a squeaky new youngster picked out to your specifications and in a matter of a few years we’ll forget that first child ever happened.

But some of us have seen this before and are filled with sadness and trepidation for the inevitable outcome.

The Democratic Party is your neglected child, the one with which you couldn’t be bothered to spend any time; its elected and leadership is your progeny, grown and gone amuck. And Ralph Nader was your last squeaky new child.

Where is that last child you adopted, anyhow? Do you know?

Got to love those family values.

[graphic: Spoiled American Electorate by Mike Licht.]

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