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Bobo’s Got Your Repentance Right Here

Obedient and less-than-sinful Joshua asks God nicely to halt the sun during battle. (source: John Martin c. 1816 via Wikimedia)

Okay, it’s my own fault. Watching the panel of Meet the Press is diving into the deep end of inanity, but I did it anyway. Even for the Meetheads, this one was outstanding. The New York Times’ David “Bobo” Brooks has the answer to the violent tragedy of Tucson.

It’s sinfulness.

MR. BROOKS:  I’m, I’m a little more pessimistic. What’s the root of civility? It’s sinfulness. I, I don’t want to get into the Reverend’s business here, but…

REV. SHARPTON:  It’s all right. It’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday morning.

MR. BROOKS:  But it’s an awareness of how sinned you are, how ignorant you are, how weak you are. And because of those shortcomings, you need the conversation, you need other people to correct you. And we’ve had a culture which has downplayed sin, and therefore people think, “I–my way’s the right way, and 100 percent of what I want, that’s what we should have.”

MS. NOONAN:  Yeah.

MR. BROOKS:  And, and so that’s a–kind of a deep problem to get over.

Admittedly, this reflection is a little mangled even for Bobo. But I get it, really. We all can make the bad things not happen if we just follow those laws of faith based communities — as extrapolated by Bobo. Since the right wing has defined sin as doing things they disagree with for the most part, I guess Bobo had in mind the nasty stuff that we do in war. But no, of course not. “Thou shalt not kill” is not the sort of commandment the right goes in for. As he said, if we all just let the wingers correct us, we’ll be okay.

Now women taking charge of there own reproduction? There’s your sinful sort of behavior when it’s not what the Bobos countenance. Taking up with a gay lover because that happens to be your own innate choice, that’s more like going against the holy word of Bobo. Sin is offensive to the Bobos, who think up stuff like “You need some one to correct you.”

No doubt, the deluded shooter in Tucson was brought up to respect life. No doubt, when his mind was warped away from simple goodness, he was suffering from something we don’t know or understand. That the sinfulness he descended into was the problem is so simplistic, it’s hard to take seriously that anyone could come up with such a piece of idiocy.

Sins are easy to commit; a look into the “Good Book” will show you that quickly enough.

If you don’t, say, pierce your ears, you will be that good little girl mamman wanted in that deepest corner of her heart. Yep, that and eating animals with cloven hooves is sin. Another one you have to avoid is belief in another god besides the one in the Bible, meaning anyone not taking what Bobo believes for the truth is sinning, too.

I could go on, but I’ll just pass the award to Bobo for the absolute number one most ridiculous thing anyone said this morning. Hopefully, that will be as low as it goes for media intellect for the day.

It’s not a sin to be resoundingly dumb, but I do think it’s a sin against the NYT readers to pay him good money to babble about nonsense when  the same use of time might give some one a real, worthwhile idea worth ever so much more.

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