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Late Night: Obama’s DIE JOB!

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Gobshite, the Dollar Store version of Michelle Malkin, is very possibly the dumbest wingnut on this or any other Internet. To be sure, he has his competition (SASQUATCH ISRAEL!). But he is rather special!

However, idiotically mistaking closed captioning for STALINIST MARCHING ORDERS was, like, so this afternoon. The latest outrage is that the President of the United States may be dyeing his hair, which is wicked and conniving and wicked, for obvious reasons, these reasons being, well because. Anyone who dyes their hair is worse than Hitler, who didn’t dye his hair, but murdered millions of innocents.

Hoft gets this through Instadouche and, unsurprisingly, Ann Althouse, who has been looking at pictures again, something that never ends well, as also of course happens when she “thinks things” and then “writes them down” and “alerts the public as to her thoughts.” Anyway, here is why Althouse believes that the hair dye is Important:

Restoring his party’s electoral fortunes?!! Are you aghast that I would say such a thing when the literal message is “Before We are Democrats or Republicans, We are Americans”? But it’s clear to me that the GOP is on the political upswing, and it’s in the Democratic Party’s interest to proclaim a period of low-key nonpartisanship and take away its opponents’ momentum.

“Hooray, a member of the House of Representatives just got shot in a mass killing! This is great news! Hold the dye job, I have to go on the teevee! Michelle! Break out the Almaden!”

Or something…

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