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Trying Really Hard to Foul Your Air

Pollution affects Your world.

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The state of Texas received a welcome setback in its ongoing campaign to violate standards of air quality set to protect our health.  As usual, the state’s Attorney General fronted for Governor Perry in filing to keep EPA from enforcement of standards that have been reached for public protection.   The court appealed to, in the District of Columbia, has declared that the public good ranks above Texas’ need for acting out.

Texas lost a third round Wednesday in its legal fight to halt federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Wednesday denied Texas’ request to block a program that regulates the largest sources of emissions. A three-judge panel wrote that Texas didn’t satisfy “the stringent standards” required to stay the regulation.


“This ensures that our efforts to enact modest, common-sense steps to address carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act … will proceed in the state of Texas just as they are proceeding across the nation,” the EPA said in a prepared statement.

The governor has reached a level of distinction for the obvious misuse of public funds to fight against their own interests.  Frivolous lawsuits are no problem in Perry’s universe, as they are styled as the fight against ‘job-killing’ legislation.

Job killers seem to include all measures that protect the people whose taxes are used to fight against them.  Industry continues funneling massive campaign funds into TX officials’ pockets in return for their misuse of public funds.  The only purpose served, by constant bombardment of public interests, is actually that of attracting polluters into state officials’ contributor ranks.  . . .

Other states seeking to share in the loot from polluting the air are busily at work with legislation to gut the EPA’s powers to protect us.

On January 7, Congresswoman Marcia Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, introduced H.R. 97, a bill that would amend the Clean Air Act to declare that greenhouse gases are not subject to the law. The co-sponsors – 46 Republicans and one Democrat – state that EPA greenhouse gas regulations are “job-killing” and are not authorized by Congress.

The federal government is also having to use funds that would be  better applied to purposes of public programs, such as actual job producing stimulus.  The posturing about serving the public does not make the sight of officeholders of this state any better for the many forms of pollution it represents, and produces.

The costs of treating those suffering from pollution of course introduces yet another way in which the effort of the wingnuts to foul our air hurts the public interest.

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Ruth Calvo

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