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Don’t Use the Shooting of a 9-Year-Old to Push Politics! Just Lie Down and Die!

Don’t use the shooting of a 9 year old to push politics! Just lay Down and Die is the GOP’s coded Message in the Press Today.

Politics is the will of the people who decide to express their self. Its surprising to nobody that many voters who don’t care at all about politics care that a 9 year old girl was shot in a mall.

Its surprising to nobody that  many voters who don’t normally care about politics at all don’t want that to happen again.

But what really surprises me is that the Republicans since day one of the shooting before anyone knew anything about the shooter claimed all over the net and on tv  that the shooter was a Liberal because he listed Marx as one of his favorite books never mind he read also claims to have read Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Guess what the shooter also read American Renaissance’s hate group newsletter but of course the Republicans and curiously the Media has ignored that at least as of the time of this writing for days!

Jared Laugher, the supposed firearm of Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, may have been prejudiced by a pro-white racist association that publish an anti-immigration information sheet.

“The group’s ideology is anti administration, anti migration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic,” according to the memo which goes on to point out that Congressman Giffords is the first Jewish female elected to high office in Arizona. A recent posting on American Renaissance’s website on January 7 begins with an article entitled: “Exit poll: Whites are Different.” The site goes on to list anti-immigration articles. Investigators are also pursuing Loughner’s alleged anti-Semitism.

My Bold

So then we the Left are suppose to ignore that Jared Laugher read racist Newsletters?

We are suppose to ignore  Sarah Palin putting a bullseye on Congresswoman’s Gabrielle Gifford’s and then her getting shot?

We are suppose to ignore that Jesse Kelly the GOP/Tea Bagger who ran againist Gabrielle Giffords sent out this press release for a political fundraiser?

Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shot a fully automatic M15 with Jesse Kelly

My bold any bets the Targets shot at by Jesse and his supporters with the M-16 were pictures of Gabrielle Giffords and President Obama?

We are suppose to ignore that Gabrielle Gifford’s office was vandalized because she supported Healthcare something the Tea Baggers, Sarah and the Racists all hate?

Giffords betrayed no such concerns when MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked her if she was “fearful today?”

“You know, I’m not,” she said, though she went on to criticize the “incredibly heated” rhetoric used by conservative tea party protestors who had taken to congregating outside her office to protest her support for the Democratic health care overhaul.

During the interview – which took place in the midst of a series of threats and incidents of vandalism against Democratic supporters of the overhaul – Giffords also jabbed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for using crosshair symbols to indicate Democratic lawmakers targeted for defeat, including Giffords.

“When people do that, you gotta realize, there’s consequences to that action,” she said in the MSNBC interview, which seems chillingly prescient after Saturday’s shooting.

My bold We are suppose to ignore that Rand Paul the Tea Bagger Supreme said of Jared Laugher

It’s probably about a very sick individual and what should have been done for that person,” he said. “But the weapons don’t kill people. It’s the individual that killed these people.”

Funny Rand your supporter stamps on the head of a peaceful protester at your campaign rally.

Tea Baggers in your state show up to Congressional TownHall meetings with guns trying to scare people away.

But Jared Laugher an Anti Abortion, States Rights, Gold is the only real money nut is not connected to or influenced by your Tea Baggers at all? That he is a lone nut not connected to the Tea Baggers or Republicans at all?

Despite him holding several Tea Bagger positions on the issues but no Lefty ones!

Despite him reading a racist newsletter and you Rand being on the record as supporting the rights of Business owners to refuse to do business with or serve African Americans just because they are Black?

Rand its your ideas your lies and Fox News and all the Mainstream Media that is not reporting that Jared Laugher read a racist newsletter that incited this nut job to shoot not only the Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford but 18 other people leaving six dead including a 9 year old girl.

But the weapons don’t kill people. It’s the individual that killed these people.”

Thats right Rand it was yours, Sarah’s Jesse’s, the Hate Media and the Media that still won’t report that Jared read a Racist newsletter that pulled the trigger… not on the gun itself but pulled the trigger on the crazy person with the gun.

You went to far we are not going to lay down and die Rand. I want the FCC to pull the broadcast license of every Media outlet that lies and incites violence.

Freedom of the Press sorry the Constitution also gives me the Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. How can I live if you are inciting people to hate and kill?

How can I have Liberty if even in a mall with cameras in daylight I can be shot by one of your crazy nuts.

How can I be happy if you are turning the country against everyone who is not white and Christian and it seems you really don’t care if White Christians get shot because they got in the way of your shooter killing a Jew.

I want to know every hate group from Glen Beck to the Tea Party this nut was influenced by. I want the families of the victims to sue them.

I want the families of the victims to sue the people who give the Hate groups money. I want to organize a boycott of  any advertiser who advertises on Fox News and Hate Radio.

I want to expose the names of the moneymen and the advertisers and have the MSM report it!

I want Christina-Taylor Green the 9 year old shot by your shooter’s death to mean something Never Again!

I want America to pass Hate Crime Laws!

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