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Domestic Violence

So,  do you truly think this latest shooting happen in a vacuum? Doctors who preformed abortions are gunned down; a man flies his small plane into the I.R.S. building killing civil servants; people show up at political rallies brandishing weapon:  and let us not forget the Anthrax sent the Democrats that killed postal workers.

Like this latest act of domestic violence the corporate media is falling over themselves to proclaimed this an isolated act. They (Fox, CNN, MSNBC…) in unison all declare, “the shooter acted alone”. End of story! Less than a few hours after this act of senseless violence occurred, the corporate media  went out of their way to assure us  that the hate filled rhetoric  Fox News and the Tea party  had nothing to do with this.

Let us not forget talk radio;hate filled talk radio help set the tone for the genocide in Rwanda  between two different groups; we are a melting pot of many. The motives of this 23 year old young man were neatly packages and delivered  by the media (in unison) in a matter of minutes. Everyone agrees, this person (he is still a human being) is nuts! Pay attention; as we get  closer to his trial, they (the media) will replace the word nuts with evil: this will allow us to feel better when we put him to death.

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