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Civility My Ass

The Right has prosecuted a war on the American middle class, Liberals, and Democrats class since 1980, and they are winning every battle, every scrimmage, and every engagement. If they lose an election, they commit or inspire violence against politicians, doctors, or government. Now that the collateral damage has spilled over and taken innocent lives again, they are asking for civility.  There isn’t a sane person in America that didn’t predict violence against Democrats after Sarah Palin’s, Michele Bachmann’s, Glenn Beck’s, Bill O’Rielly’s, and Rush Limbaugh’s constant rants about communism, socialism, death panels, cross-hairs, investigating Democrats, Obama’s religion, and Obama birth-certificate. Now Republicans are engaged in an attempt to separate their comments from Jared Loughner’s  murderous acts. I’m willing to assume until I learn otherwise that Jared Loughner is mentally ill and has no rational political beliefs, but somehow he managed to shoot 20 people at a Democratic Congressman’s event. FYI, it’s always an irrational crazy person inspired by Right Wing hate speech. Every Democrat knew this was going to happen, and sadly, I predict it’s not over.

The second line of defense is “both sides” engage in this behavior. BULLSHIT! I’m sure if I searched, I can find some crazy Left Wing bloggers, but I can’t find a Left Wing cable “News” network that derives it’s rating from hate speech. I can’t find a crazy Left Wing Vice Presidential Candidate talking about death panels and bulls-eyes.  I can’t find crazy Left Wing congressmen asking for investigating un-American activities of Republicans. Just last week, the crying sleazy new Speaker of the House wouldn’t admonish his caucus about Obama birth-certificate, but now he asking for civility. Fuck you John Boehner! The Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Bin Laden” McConnell when asked, “Is Barack Obama a Muslim?” McConnell replied, “I take him at his word…” Fuck you too!

The third line of defense  is we shouldn’t blame Republican politicians for the hateful climate the Right Wing has created, “there in no direct connection”. What the fuck do some MSNBC commentators, Joe Scarborough, expect, cell-phone logs from Palin to Loughner minutes before the shooting?  This is our true problem, the Media is more concerned with ratings and politics than truth. In other words, we shouldn’t hold these sleazy bastards accountable unless there is fingerprints and DNA evidence that would convict OJ Simpson. Whether Loughner is a Republican, Right Winger, Conservative,  or Tea Bagger, I blame Palin, Beck, Limbaugh et al for creating the political climate. The fact that this crazy bastard shot a Democrat is all I need to know.  Likewise, I blame Barack Obama for not challenging the Right because it may hurt his poll numbers. Leadership demands action even if unpopular among “hard working white people”.

The Republicans have the responsibility to control their Right Wing extreme or at least isolate those that engage in dangerous crazy rhetoric, and the Left has a responsibility to identify those outrageous Right Wingers and challenge there hate.  The Left shouldn’t ignore  nor take overt complicit acts to help hateful Right Wingers. As Barack Obama plans to give Bill “Tiller the Baby Killer” O’Reilly a Super Bowl interview, I hope Obama realizes his complicity. But since Obama’s poll numbers are down among white people, I’m sure Obama will ignore O’Reilly’s statements that “inspired” another “crazy man” to murder Dr. George Tiller. Maybe Obama should have O’Reilly,  Palin, and Loughner over for a beer.

The Arizona tragedy reminds me of all the isolated police violence against black men. After every “justifiable shooting”, the police blame there violence on the victim’s behavior, movements, or location. Almost every time the police escape responsibility for their acts. I keep waiting for the isolated incident where the police shoot a innocent white victim 40 times.  At some point, reason dictates these events aren’t isolated or justified. Along with waiting for NYPD to kill an innocent white motorist or pedestrian, I’ll add waiting for Liberal terrorism.  In the current political climate, neither will happen because cops don’t kill innocent white people and Liberals don’t commit terrorism. We Liberals write blogs, dress in stupid pink outfits, and elect stealth “Republicans” presidents – Obama.

So as Republicans, weak-kneed Democrats, and media talking-heads ask for civility, please remember the Wall Street bank fraud that left 14 million people unemployed, and no one has been held responsible. Please remember the 4400 dead troops caused by Bush lying America into a war, and no one has been held accountable. Please remember McConnell’s and Boehner’s statements, and please remember Obama’s FOX News interview.  By the way, FOX hasn’t shown Palin’s bulls-eye poster, and MSNBC and CNN is to chicken-shit to assign Palin accountability. Until we hold politicians and the media accountable, we should expect more of the same behavior regardless of how many innocent children are murdered in Arizona or Iraq.

I want Political Policy Civility for the American middle class, American jobs, American soldiers, American tax payers, and Americans.  If we talk nice and continue the same Right Wing Corporate Bush-Obama policies, do you really think that’s civil?

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Bin Quick