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Right-Wingers Rush to Label Arizona Shooting Suspect a Liberal — While Simultaneously Accusing Left of “Politicizing” Assassination Attempt

We still don’t know all the facts about Jared Loughner, the suspect held in the Arizona shooting rampage, and we may not for some time.

But right-wing bloggers knew immediately — right away! — that this anti-government goldbug who has been connected to an anti-immigration hate group, has an odd fixation on the Constitution and federalism and an enthusiasm for guns — was in no way a right-winger, and in fact, a total liberal.

While the bodies were still warm, Putz declared that the suspect “doesn’t sound much like a Tea Partier” (that settles that!) — while linking approvingly to Gateway Retard, who had also already concluded that Loughner was “definitely NOT a tea partier” and was “left-wing.”

Atlas Juggs instantly branded Loughner a “total lefty loon” and at the American Spectator, Phil Klein wrote, “At this point, we have more reason to blame the revolutionary writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels [than Sarah Palin] for what happened today.” World Nut Daily ran an article with the headline, “Assassin’s politics lean ‘left wing, quite liberal‘” which Conservatives4Palin dutifully parroted, “The Shooter Was Reportedly “Left Wing, Quite Liberal.”

And while all this was happening, Erick Erickson complained “the left is using this tragedy to score political points.” The Anchoress scolded, “It’s kind of disgusting when you hear someone is shot and the first thing you do is try to figure out how to fit the terrible news to your political worldview” and the Anchor Baby whined, “Twitter and the left-wing blogs — and now a Fox-bashing Democrat congressman — have gone completely insane trying to politicize the shootings.” Meanwhile, Matt Lewis, apparently not sensing the irony, scolded “prominent liberal bloggers” for “politicizing the horrific and tragic shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona on Saturday.

Wingnut brains: yet again shown to be incapable of cognitive dissonance.

By the way, you can’t really “politicize” political assassinations as I understand the term. Politics are kind of baked into the cake.

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