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Wildcard Weekend Trash

bmaz was going to put Trash together, but got distracted by the tragic craziness happening in his state. So until he does something more substantive, here’s what I’ve picked in this weekend’s games:

NO-SEA: I’m gonna be stupid and pick the home team, the worst playoff team ever. Just a feeling I’m already beginning to regret watching the opening drive.

NYJ-Indy: Peyton Manning. Home game. Gotta go Peyton. (Grumble grumble.)

Baltimore-KC: KC is a surprisingly good team, but not consistent. So I gotta go with the Ravens.

GB-Philly: I have a gut feel that Vick is not 100%, maybe not even 90%. And Green Bay’s D has been looking pretty damned good of late. So I pick the Packers.

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