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Poached eggs with moccha salt (photo: J. Schwerdtfeger via Wikimedia)

I love love love poached eggs and I know that many of you do, too.

However, I never never never put vinegar in the water. It completely ruins the taste of the egg whites, especially when you can’t have hollandaise sauce to cover up the vinegar… and I can’t. It’s the butter. I just can’t eat it without resulting digestive issues.

So, I do as Julia Child suggests… slide the eggs into the boiling water and then use a wooden spoon to push the egg whites back toward the yolks. It works great and the eggs taste soooo much better without that acidic vinegar. I don’t really hate vinegar… it’s great for cleaning and for salad dressing, but I don’t let it get anywhere near my poached eggs.

Paul and I recently tried a new diner in our area. They don’t use vinegar, either, because they know it ruins the taste of the eggs.

I used to like Eggs Benedict, but I can’t really eat them any more, so I’m more likely to have some wheat-free raisin toast from Canyon Bakehouse with my poached eggs.

How do you eat poached eggs? I like them on pasta for dinner, especially spinach pasta!) …and often add them to the same water, just before the pasta is done, remove them once they’re cooked and then drain the pasta. Sometimes, I add some frozen peas to the colander before I drain the pasta. And occasionally, I’ll add some tomato sauce, because the broken egg yolks make it into a creamy sauce.

I must confess that breakfast is my favorite meal, no matter the time of day. Weekdays, I settle for oatmeal, but on the weekends, I prefer poached eggs. And they’re really great for dinner, too!

How about you? Do you have some other method for preparing eggs that you think is superior? Do tell!

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