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Press Conference: UMC Hospital Update 2PM Tuscon on Rep. Giffords – Still Alive

Dr. Peter Rhee, trauma surgeon and medical director at University of Arizona University Medical Center hospital spoke at approximately 2:00 p.m. local time Tuscon. Dr. Rhee said that 10 patients were received at UMC; one patient died, five are in critical condition. Dr. Rhee clarified on questioning that five patients are now in surgery, balance of patients are in stable condition. The deceased patient is a child, approximately nine years old.

Rhee said that Congresswoman Giffords is not deceased, is now through surgery and in critical condition; here outlook is optimistic because she was able to follow commands. She was shot once, “through and through” on one side of the head. She is under anesthesia and in intensive care.

Other outlets report now that the gunman is Jared Laughner, aged 21-22 years and appears to have acted alone.

We’ll have more updates here as we receive them.

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