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Palin’s #1 Fan Shrine Reacts

This morning (Wasilla time), right after finding out about the Tucson shootings, I visited Palin’s political action committee site at which she had her list of targeted politicians with gunsight images over their congressional districts.  I took several screenshots.  The site, called Take Back the 20,  has since been taken down.


As soon as Palin put up a “message” on the tragedy on her facebook page, I went to Palin’s #1 fan shrine, Conservatives4Palin, to see how they would react to Palin’s facebook post.  They react to every post, tweet and comment Palin makes.  Usually with a lot of genuflection.

Here’s Palin’s vacuous statement, as carried at Palin’s fan shrine article:

My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today’s tragic shooting in Arizona.

On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice.

– Sarah Palin

Here are some resulting comments at C4P:

Thank you for your words and prayers.

Please be assured that millions of us who love and admire you will be praying and sacrificing all the more now for your safety, and for that of your family.

May the Angels of the Lord, your “Secret Service,”surround and guard you…always!!



I believe this will encourage sarah to announce earlier rather than later. She will need secret service protection soon.


This man just wanted to kill people.

And the media needs to squash this talk of Palin having any influence in this. God knows Palin and her family have received threats. Don’t say that her rhetoric is a problem when you have pundits on the news who have thrown rhetorical bombs at her for 2 years.


It maybe premature to argue but I don’t think this happenstance at all. The Left must have planned this out all long ago, that’s why they made such an irrational argument long time ago, now they have pulled out one of their irrational people to do this stunt, all to blame the Governor.

This is just a preview of what’s coming.


The left is just absolutely assaulting her FB wall. The comments from the left are very appalling and sad.


The left is the kind of people that assasinate and murder in the name of Politics.


I hate how the Mentally Retarded and Emotionally Derranged Left blames the Tea Party and Governor Palin. I bet it is probably a Hispanic Shooter, which why is no ID has been released. These bastards owe Governor Palin and Tea Party supporters a freaking apology. I see these boards at the ADN and MSNBC and the other site. The left is insane. I hope it is not a Conservative White Man for the left to trot out for their destructive ends. Shame on the rotten bastards that use tragedy to trash Palin. They are the disgrace not her or the Tea Party.

and, referring to Paul Krugman’s thoughts on this tragedy:

Paul Krugman is one sick piece of garbage. It can’t wait until it is someone not associate with the right to shove this back in a reckless piece of shit like Krugman’s face. I think slime like Krugman incite violence and hate towards Palin.



SARAH 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You Lefty are so quick to blame conservatives for a kinds of violence, but when you go through history, most of the political violence are committed by the Left. Typical, liberals are so ignorant. Please get facts right, before accusing others.

For your information, there are reports that this person who did the shooting may have mental issues and there are some reports that he is a liberal.


I hope Sarah is taking steps to increase her own security in light of this event. The reality is this could have been her! Heaven forbid such a though but it is true! She needs to have better securtiy at home or wherever she goes from now, especially with her pending run for president this coming year! She better start carrying her own side-arm on her person from this time forward!

and I’ll conclude with this comment:

if you have liberal friends it means you have dumb ignorant friends. why do you want dumb ignorant friends?

its already been established that liberalism is a mental disorder. why do you want friends with a mental disorder like that?

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