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Liveblog: News Conference on Giffords Shooting

Sheriff Dupnik: At 10:10, a gunman approached Congresswoman Giffords and started shooting. Doctors are “cautiously optimistic” she will survive. Five people were killed, including two of his personal friends. One of those was Judge Roll who was stopping by after mass to say “hi” to Rep. Giffords. Excoriates rhetoric of radio hosts that he thinks fueled this.

Suspect is a white male, 22 years old, won’t divulge his name, recently the subject of police interest. Has a troubled past, and Dupnik is not convinced he acted alone. Some reason to believe suspect came to this location with another individual, and that there was an indication the other individual was involved. They have pictures of him. But cannot, on advice of council, give more details at this time. Says it is a male, white, and they are “actively in pursuit” of him.

19 victims, 6 of whom are dead, including a 9 year-old girl.

Says Giffords was the target, and that there were 2 incidents occurred in a “very vitriolic” campaign. Someone in an “angry audience” dropped a weapon out of their pants. Another incident where windows were broken out of her office. At her office at Swan and Pima right now, suspicious package being investigated.

The 22 year old suspect does have a criminal past. Says this is how “unbalanced people respond to vitriol coming out about ripping down the government. Arizona has become the capital. We have become the mecca of prejudice and bigotry.” Believes people who are unbalanced especially, like the suspect, are extremely susceptible to vitriol.

A semi-automatic was used, won’t say what it was. The second person was apparently not a shooter. Suspect in custody of Pima County Sheriff’s Department and has invoked his rights.

There was no exchange of gunfire. Won’t confirm whether shooting was caught on tape by the store. Doesn’t have specific information about what shooter might or might not have said at the time.

Will not name any of the other victims because families have not yet been notified.

Says he has no reason to believe the suspect is insane, but would say he’s unstable. Do not know who the 2nd subject is, whether he is related to the suspect or not.

Five people were killed at the scene, one died at the hospital.

Captain Chris Manos: Working jointly with the FBI on this case. The young girl was the one who died at the hospital. They are working at next of kin notification.

Dupnik: Answered all the questions they are going to answer now. Will provide more information tomorrow. Doctor will come to the microphone now.

People pooh-pooh vitriol coming from people who make a living at it, but “it is not without consequence.”

Doctor Richard Camora, former Surgeon General: Knew and worked with both Rep. Giffords and Judge. In all his years as trauma surgeon and deputy sheriff, hasn’t seen anything like it. Surgeons who treated them at UMC are “cautiously optimistic that there is a possibility” Rep. Giffords could survive. But knows how difficult the path to recovery is. He wasn’t her surgeon, but they will be available tomorrow. A lot of complications.

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