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When will there be a Revolution? I believe that the time is near for a second American Revolution.  I predict the millions of people who’s houses were foreclosed will go against the lenders that caused the foreclosure. Right now there is a class of Bankers in this country who are the elites and live off of the common person’s money. They were the ones that gave mortgages to people they knew would not be able to afford it. All this was done in the name of greed which is driving force behind Capitalism. It’s about time for the poor and middle class to rebel against the fat cats that took their money. It’s time that these people faced the Music and were punished for this misdeeds! It seems to me that the downfalls of capitalism are being seen across America. Hopefully a more egalitarian economic model such as Democratic Socialism will be put into place so that the country is no longer run by the top 1% of wage earners.

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Michael Abbondandolo

Michael Abbondandolo