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GOP Governors Help Us Understand Actual Definition of “Class Warfare”

Referring to the title, the thirty-three Republican governors’ provision of “help” in this instance is of course an inadvertent act. (After all, what’s the point of helping someone if there’s nothing in it for you?) But nonetheless, these governors, in a letter written to HHS Secretary Sebelius, provide as clear-cut an example as I can imagine of what “class warfare” means in reality:

” State governments cannot handle the current costs of Medicaid, and federal requirements to expand the health insurance program for the poor will create ‘a perfect storm’ in state budgets, a coalition of Republican governors said on Friday…They added that efforts by federal health agencies ‘to regulate state operations impose greater uncertainty on our budgets for oncoming years.'”

Emphasis (bold-portion) my own: of course, it’s “the poor’s” fault; why didn’t anyone think of this before? Oh, right, except for those times that practically everyone in establishment government thought this exact thing — and acted on it at every possible opportunity — for the past thirty-or-so years. Honestly, what more can “the poor” actually sacrifice?

And then there’s the middle-class, which I guess still exists in this country, albeit in some sad, wealth-extracted-to-death form. Y’know, those people don’t just disappear, as much as the Washington conventional-wisdom establishment (also known as “all of Washington”) wishes they would. They become part of “the poor”! This should not be at all difficult for any semi-conscious person to understand — unless that person has become very wealthy and powerful specifically by not “understanding” it (or, at least, by not caring about it at all). With around 1-in-8 Americans on food stamps (and that number, disturbingly, seems to always be climbing these days), the Medicaid rolls seem bound to expand, as well. Obviously, this is a system designed for “the poor” to get less-and-less benefits, and then for more and more people to become part of this “the poor,” resulting in the greatest amount of people getting the least possible “benefits” — I can’t say it much more simply than that. Thankfully, at least good ol’ President Obama came to our rescue with that health care bill, right?!!

“…some Republican governors are refusing to participate in parts of the plan considered optional, such as the early Medicaid expansion or the creation of exchanges where individuals can buy insurance.”


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