Consider yourself sitting in a room, stripped of all your worldly possessions: gone is your right of freedom of movement. The two complete strangers (who flank you) hold your very life in their hands. One seemingly a good cop (Obama) the other obviously bad (Republicans). From what we know of these situations both cops are out to nail you. The good cop (Obama) uses his charm to relax your guard: “hey, I understand your situation, unlike my friend over there (Republican) I am on your side”. Please, for the love Social Security, a Public Option, Glass-Stegall, Civil Society without Torture, Extraordinary  Rendition, NSA spying, Assassination   of US citizens (and non-citizens) do not fall for it!

John Nichols wrote in the January 10/17/2011 edition of the Nation:

“The deal cuts the Social Security payroll tax paid by workers for a year, which means that the government would have to borrow $112 billion to make up the loss.”

Nichols goes on to say:

This sets a dangerous precedent that opens Social Security up to attacks from those seeking to dismantle or privatize it.”

Yes, I realize he threw us a bone with DADT: nice of him to allow our gay brothers and sisters to partake in the global corporate wars. Let us not forget Obama’s deficit commission. Collectively, there is overwhelming evidence that the “good cop” (Obama) is not really on our side.  I listen to the talking-heads go on and on about how President Obama is alienating his base; do you still believe at this point that we (the left) are truly his base?