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Canfield Astrology Challenge

Kelly Canfield challenged me to produce an astrological natal chart interpretation about an unknown person of unknown gender. He provided the date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. I cast the Mystery Guest’s natal chart using Solar Fire and this is my interpretation. I posted the chart data in my previous post titled, Powerful and Favorable Astrological Influences Today. It’s the last of 283 comments to my diary. Apparently, comments are closed — at least there is no comment box in which to enter a comment, so I’m posting my interpretation of the raw data here as a new diary. According to the agreement that Kelly and I reached, he will share my interpretation with the Mystery Guest who will then let us know whether this interpretation is accurate.

Anyone who is interested in reviewing the chart data can access it and compare it to my interpretation. Or cast your own chart.

I believe in transparency.

Comments are welcome

Mystery Guest

Date of Birth: November 4 1960
Place of Birth: Grand Island, Nebraska
Time of Birth: 5:41 am


The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and the Midheaven are located in water signs in this nativity. This leads me to believe that s/he is a compassionate and caring person with a strong intuitive nature. S/he values personal relationships and will likely have a strong tendency to take on caretaker roles. S/he is such a sympathetic and understanding person that s/he may have a tendency to adopt the role of a mother to his/her loved ones. S/he can get involved in situations that sap vitality, overwhelm, and exhaust him or her because s/he has a strong tendency to react without first considering the probable consequences. “Look before you leap,” would be sound advice for this person to consider.

This person needs to take care of herself/himself first before losing herself/himself in caring for others. Selfishness manifests in many not so obvious ways and one of those ways involves focusing on anything and everything external to selfishly avoid dealing with one’s own issues, an often painful but necessary ordeal to heal one’s own wounds and become a solid self-confident person who is able to love others without fear of rejection or expectation of receiving some reward in return. This is a form of enabling or vampirism in which the caretaker derives his or her reason for being from disempowering another person and keeping them in a dependent state not to genuinely help them, but to disable them in service to their own need for a purpose in life. This is an easy trap for naturally inclined caretakers to fall into and they should avoid them at all costs because too many caretaker relationships will retard their own emotional growth at the expense of others in the manipulative guise of helping them and they end up resenting that person and occasionally harming them in not so obvious ways to keep them dependent. Such a relationship damages the caretaker and caretakee.

Cancer and Scorpio are strong in this natal chart. People with a strong Cancer influence in their charts tend to be nurturing, protective, tenacious, sensitive, and intuitive. People with a strong Scorpio influence tend to be intense, magnetic, secretive, and sexual with penetrating powers of perception. I expect this person demonstrates all of those qualities.

This person has very few planets in mutable signs, which means s/he resists change and has difficulty adapting to new situations.

The 1st and 8th houses are strong in this chart. The 1st House is called the House of Self where we develop our identity and personality initially through differentiation and later through personal growth. In houses 2 through 6, we grow up and become an independent person. We enter into relationships and partnerships with other people in the 7th House, and in the 8th House, which is called the house of sex, death, transformation, and other people’s money, we become obsessive, restless, and dissatisfied. We want to change and we transcend what we have become or we settle in, accept the status quo, and become Republicans. That is, we become the living dead without a vital soul. Those who choose change embark on the path with heart, which is sometimes called the path of discipleship that leads to the interest in spirituality, higher learning, philosophy, and travel that characterize the 9th House.

If we divide this person’s natal chart into four quadrants, each consisting of three houses, we find that the first quadrant predominates. This indicates a person who is independent and capable of organizing her or his life. S/he also might be self-centered. If we divide the chart in half vertically, we find that the eastern half, which is the left side of the chart containing houses 1-3 and 10-12, predominates and this indicates a self-motivated and self-oriented individual. In short, we are beginning to see some themes emerging; namely, a strong independent and caring personality who needs to watch-out for and avoid egocentric and selfish behavior.

This person was born when the Moon was full and this confirms what we already detected about this person, given the predominance of water in this chart. Persons born under a full Moon primarily tend to be interested in relationships of all kinds and I anticipate that relationships will be a prominent feature of this person’s life.

The 3rd and 4th rays are strong in this person which indicates that s/he is a clever strategist and skilled communicator with good business sense and a capacity for abstract thinking. S/he also can be spontaneous, imaginative, and conciliatory with a love of beauty, music, and the ability to reconcile opposites. Moodiness would tend to be a feature and not a bug for this person.

With the Ascendant in Libra, I expect this person’s approach to life is fair and balanced taking into consideration the thoughts and feelings of other people. I also see an interest in art, music, and all things beautiful. People with Libra rising signs tend to be so good at seeing the different sides of issues that they have trouble deciding which side to choose.

With the 4th House cusp in Capricorn, this person probably has high regard for the traditions of the family and, as an adult may become the rock upon whom family members rely for stability. This is a further indication of the inclination-to-mother theme we picked up earlier.

With the 7th House cusp in Aries, this person is likely to want to retain his or her independence within a close relationship and might feel more comfortable with an active and freedom-loving partner. Aries is a cardinal-fire sign that is naturally associated with the 1st House and Mars, its natural ruler. Aries and Mars are not well suited to relationships. With Aries on the cusp of the 7th House, this person could become aggressive if s/he feels caged in by their partner.

The Midheaven or 10th House cusp is in Cancer and Cancer is the opposite sign to Capricorn that, together with Saturn, its ruler, is naturally associated with the 10th House of Career and Reputation. Just as Mars and Aries are ill suited and uncomfortable in the 7th House, so too is Cancer and its ruler, the Moon, ill suited and uncomfortable in the 10th House. For this reason, I suspect this person needs a secure job or profession that feels like home and allows him or her to mother or take care of the emotional and/or health needs of others. A career in nursing or other position in the medical profession might be a perfect match for this person, assuming they do not succumb to caring for others to avoid caring for themselves.

The position of the Moon in a natal chart by sign and house indicates what a person needs to feel emotionally secure. This person’s Moon is in Taurus, which means this person has an emotional need for stability and steady routines. S/he does not like change and may use food to combat stress. Since the Moon is in the 8th House, I suspect this person is acutely sensitive to emotional undercurrents and both seeks and finds comfort through other people’s resources, both monetary and financial. This is another indicator of the developing theme of a selfish caretaker.

The Moon is opposed to Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st House. This suggests that this person struggles to make decisions because s/he cannot decide whether to go with their heart or mind.

The Moon also is square to Uranus which indicates that this person has a tendency to engage in erratic and stubborn behavior to stand out from the crowd, but this is a self-defeating strategy that this person needs to overcome. The best way to do that would be to use Libra’s famous on-the-one-hand-but-on-the-other change of perspective and Scorpio’s penetrating perspective to see the self-defeating strategy for what it is.

More significant is the Moon’s approaching square to Chiron, who symbolizes a deep festering psychic or spiritual wound that a person carries like a ball and chain. This approaching square suggests that this person constantly feels misunderstood, particularly by his or her mother and this person needs to let that attachment go. In fact, I believe this is a key theme in this chart. The mother is a human being. No one has a right to expect their mother to be perfect and mothers make a hell of a lot of mistakes. Some mothers don’t even love their kids and they have reasons. Mothers are human and at some point, it makes sense to let go of expectations and disappointments and see them as imperfect humans. It makes no sense to carry your mother around with you all the time as a ball and chain. Release her and the person releases himself or herself from bondage. Release himself or herself from bondage and this person has a chance to heal the wound and become whole. That sure beats trying to be a better mother to others than the mother was to this person. Living one’s life in reaction to others is hardly a prescription for a happy fulfilling life. The irony is this person cannot be a healer by trying to be a better mother, but this person can be a great healer, if s/he becomes a healer because that is who s/he is and wants to be.

This person is a magnetic, passionate, and intense individual since s/he has a Scorpio Sun. Scorpio’s always harbor secrets and I suspect this person is no different. This person’s Sun is conjunct Neptune, so I expect fantasy plays a strong part in their life, either as a creative channel or as an escape. S/he probably tends to be detached at times and seized by an urge to merge due to the Neptunian influence. S/he may be artistic or musical. People whose Sun is conjunct Neptune have a tendency to engage in addictive behavior, so this person needs to be made aware of that, if they are not yet aware of it. I’m referring to any and all types of addictive behavior, including mothering others. The Neptune conjunction fuels creativity and this is a good way to avoid escaping or falling into the trap of addictive behavior.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st House is an independent thinker with the ability to network information and ideas. S/he manages resources well, communicates intensely, and has a tendency to seek out the core of matters, irritably eschewing superficial knowledge.

If this person sought me out, I would want to explore with them their urge to mother in the context of the main focal point in the chart, which is the T-square formed by the Uranus opposition to Chiron, which is squared by the Moon. The Uranus-Chiron opposition indicates that the person has a strong desire to be free, and is likely to cut ties and to make sudden changes if circumstances or people stand in his or her way. This person’s strong desire to be free likely is caused by their inability to face Chiron’s deep emotional wounds. The Moon’s square to Uranus and Chiron, which I discussed earlier, indicates that the person is deeply wounded and suffering. S/he acts erratically to distract attention to his or her pain. Putting it all together, I see a person who heeds to heal the wound that is dragging them down, a wound that appears to be connected to their relationship with a mother figure . Once this person frees himself or herself from this ball and chain they have been dragging around, they have a chance for a happy and fruitful psychic and spiritual life. However, they will never escape their misery unless they heal it. If they don’t, the wound that is killing them will spread to others.

Thank you, Kelly for the opportunity to do this chart.

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