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The Nation’s/Maddow’s Chris Hayes Chuckles over Bird Killings and Ignores ChemCo Connection

The Nation’s/Maddow’s Chris Hayes Chuckles over Bird Killings and Ignores ChemCo Connection — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

This fraud has gone far enough. Today I am filing an FCC complaint against Chris Hayes, the Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, Good Morning America, and the local Massachusetts station known as ABC-40/Fox-6. Their deception over the mass killings of red-winged blackbirds endangers American lives.

The reason a canary is placed in a coal mine is to warn humans that there is already enough poisonous gas in the mine to kill birds, and that humans must immediately evacuate. An alternative strategy would be to stop the poisonous emissions.

Yesterday, our local station affiliate of both Fox and ABC aired a report on the killing of hundreds of red-winged blackbirds in Arkansas. The local commentators laughed it up. Later, many more red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the sky in Louisiana. Then, last night on MSNBC, The Nation‘s Chris Hayes, filling in for Rachel Maddow, yukked it up over the killings. This morning, ABC’s Good Morning America got a good laugh out of it. And of course, later, more red-winged blackbirds dropped dead, in Kentucky. And now, it’s happened in Sweden, too.

The birds were obviously poisoned. The stories offered by ABC and MSNBC: (1) That they got wet and disoriented, then killed themselves; (2) that they bumped into power lines; (3) that a storm did this, are preposterous. These fraudulent claims are criminal, I think. Hayes, the Maddow Show, GMA, and even our local news, have a responsibility to let us know when our fellow citizens are being poisoned. Those who play Journalists on TV have particular obligation here.

One of the reports to which I’ll link below says that a Cornell professor tested the birds and ruled out poisoning. This is also preposterous. If he actually did that, then he perhaps should be arrested for conspiracy to cover up what happened. Some poisons leave no trace, so a few hours of toxicology testing cannot rule out poisoning, and anyone reporting that is lying.

To confuse things and help cover it up, the US Geological Survey quickly rushed out a list of large bird kills, trying to make this look normal. There have also been millions of fish killed in the US in the past few days.

Now let me give you the really important facts of this bird case, the ones that Hayes or Maddow or GMA or anybody could have looked up, and maybe did, but chose to keep it secret: The three US blackbird kills all happened very, very close to chemical companies:

(1) The street on which the Arkansas birds were found is two blocks South of the street on which Google Maps shows the nearest chemical factory;

(2) chemical companies surround the Louisiana dead bird site;

(3) the Kentucky university campus that dead blackbirds were found “near” is about 7,000 feet from the nearest chemical factory. (Someone with better access to the area, and to computers, than myself can check to find out if the birds were between campus and the factory.)

Now I must hurry to the bus, and so, must wait until tomorrow morning to file my FCC complaints. At least I got it out here. Maybe tonight’s MSNBC and tomorrow’s ABC will tell the truth, and I won’t need to mail the letters. Where the hell is the EPA? What does that P in EPA stand for anyway? I guess the EPA P-ing on us again.

The American people are not stupid enough to believe these birds had a suicide pact. Are “Journalists” trying to convince us that these were red-winged black-Muslim-birds?,8599,2040485,00.html,28804,2035319_2034098,00.html

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