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Late Night: How Sharper Than a Minnow’s Gums

In his even younger blog-days, young Ezra Klein supported the Iraq War. Then he stopped supporting the Iraq war. L’Education sentimentale of Ederic Klein is not something I have studied in any particular detail, and damned if I’ll Google it, but I seem to recall that his falling off the pogo stick on the road to Damascus moment had to do with him realizing that he was an idiot to ever think Republicans were anything other than hucksters, loons, and ideologues.

Anyway, that was all back in the dim n’ misty past. Headline!

A very smart speech by Speaker Boehner


(My reaction pictured here.)

Anyway, sigh, why was this a smart speech, Ezra…?

Traditionally, politicians overpromise in these moments. If you look back to Nancy Pelosi’s speech upon becoming speaker in 2007, or Newt Gingrich’s speech upon becoming speaker in 1995, you’ll see broad, ambitious, ideologically-charged agendas. Gingrich wanted “to find a way to truly replace the current welfare state with an opportunity society.” Pelosi sought “a new America that declares our energy independence, promotes domestic sources of renewable energy, and combats climate change.”

And, in contrast:

Boehner promised almost nothing at all.

That wily wascal! Conclusion:

The White House may have a more able opponent in him than they thought.


Nuts. Look:

1. There are more pointless things than speeches by incoming House majority leaders. These things include blog posts about speeches by incoming House majority leaders.

2. The Gingrich quote is indeed crazy radical. The Pelosi quote was in 2006 conventional wisdom. Indeed, it is only now “ideologically charged” if you accept teabag horseshit.

3. Of course Boehner said nothing. If he says anything, the man fucking bursts into tears. And there is nothing more pathetic than seeing a middle aged orange-tinted man cry.

Unless, that is, it’s a young man thinking the middle aged man is frickin’ Machiavelli for not weeping as he assumes control of the House of Representatives.

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