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Howard Dean Throws a New Year Dirt Clod at Obama

It is still too early in the New Year to be throwing stones at Obama, at least as far as those who have been or are part of the political establishment are concerned.  For example, take Howard Dean’s latest comments about Obama’s advisers being know it alls and having contempt for progressives.  Dean may be throwing stones at Obama’s advisers, but he has only, by implication, dirt clods for Obama.

Dean is employing the old, tired argument of “it is not the king, but the king’s advisors who are to blame for the rotten situation!”  There are plenty of historical examples of this argument being used to indirectly criticize the king/emperor/czar/whoever.  If you are really afraid of antagonizing  the head of the political establishment, you can always try to criticize those who serve the establishment instead.  The hope of the critic is to move the political establishment in a new direction by replacing underlings or advisers who supposedly are giving bad advice or pursuing ineffective policies.

The critic is also seen as being still loyal to the establishment, so the political repercussions to the critic are kept to a minimum.  This is the equivalent of a kid throwing a dirt clod at the king’s chariot or carriage as it whizzes on by.  No real harm is done to the majesty of the political power structure.

Historically, this method of political course correction really sucks.  . . .

Dean knows that the real problem isn’t Obama’s advisers, but it is Obama’s policies.  And who sets those policies?  Last time I checked, it is Obama who makes the final decisions with regards to setting policy.

You know that old adage of a dead fish starts to rot at the head first?

Additionally, attacking Obama’s contemptuous advisers lets Obama off the hook.  Replacing shitheads like Emanuel and Summers gives Obama some breathing room to continue his con game with progressives.  How many of us will hear the following:  “Things should get better without (Emanuel, Summers, ..etc.) to block progressive policies from being enacted at the White House.”

This self deception by progressives will continue for several more months.

Right now, we will continue to see stones for Obama’s advisers, but nothing worse than a dirt clod for Obama.

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